Topical Anesthetics

Dental Products Information


 Numbing Agents:
  • TriCaine Blue Dental Gel

(Prilocaine / Lidocaine / Tetracaine) is  a customized compounded anesthetic gel may help when performing soft tissue procedures with little or no local anesthesia. This gel is blue and flavored with both peppermint and spearmint. The gel should be applied to dry mucosal area for no longer than two minutes, then rinsed off to prevent possibility of tissue irritation or sloughing.

  • TAC-4 Alternate Dental Gel

(Prilocaine / Lidocaine / Tetracaine / Phenylephrine) is a customized compound similar to Tri-Caine Blue, but also contains phenylephrine. Phenylephrine helps shrink blood vessels, which in turn may help with the prevention of bleeding. It should be used the same way as Tri-Caine Blue to provide pulpal anesthesia.

  • Dyclonine Rinse

is a topical anesthetic in the form of a liquid. It works well for hygiene patients who need anesthesia but do not want local infiltrations or blocks. It also works well for needle-phobic, sensitive hygiene patients, and for patients who gag during impressions. Patients should swish around in mouth for one minute and expectorate to anesthetize gingival and palatal tissues.